As Salaamu Alaikum,

We all know marriage is an important part of our lives and it is a requirement within Islam. Some say marriage completes half of your deen, actually this statement is incorrect and there is no evidence to back this up. If a brother or sister was to die before they got the chances to get married, does that mean they died half of a Muslim?

As we all know there is no such thing as being half Muslim, you are either a Muslim or you're not. It is as simple as that, however we all know marriage is important in Islam.

Why is marriage important in Islam?
Marriage protects 2/3 of your deen from the shaytan, so this is actually more than half. What does this mean? It means that shaytan is attacking us all the time, he is always working hard to misguide us, and that is the challenge he gave Allah (SWT). He will misguide us, Allah (SWT) guides who he wills. Once we are married an have a practising relationship with Allah (SWT), shaytan struggles to attack you, he struggles to manipulate you to commit sin. Therefore, marriage protects 2/3 of your deen and remaining 1/3 of the deen is done by reading salah and acting following the sunnah. Allah (SWT) Makes it easy for us to do that.

After seeing so many brothers and sisters finding it difficult to find the right spouse in the United Kingdom, I took the decision to try and help as many Muslim brothers and sisters to find the right life partner as I can with the will of Allah.

Highest ranking among the shaytan is of his who separates husband and wife, and the one who helps with bringing two people together, there is high level of reward insh'Allah.

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Single Muslims Marriage Events - Manchester, North West, England.